Trove adds a new underwater biome in today’s Rising Tides PC update


Does a rising tide lift all boats? You’ll have to log into voxelbox MMO Trove today to find out, as Gamigo has launched its promised Rising Tides update on PC with an all-new underwater biome. Yes, you could already swim and dive in Trove. It’s got boats too! Trove is super underrated.

“Rising Tides plunges players into a new sunken biome, challenging their grit with just a touch of voxel-themed thalassophobia,” Gamigo says. That’s fear of deep water, in case you wondered. “Full of mystique, awe, and the Lovecraftian, Rising Tides hides a number of murky mysteries for brave Trovians to unravel.”

“Along with a new biome, the update also adds a new Delve level, modified difficulty updates, a new five-star dungeon, new resources, and a new Lovecraftian-inspired enemy faction called The Depths to battle. […] Face these challenges and aim to conquer a new UBER rank (tier of difficulty), UBER-12, greatly expanding Trove’s endgame. Put this newfound power to the test in the Rune Vault Dungeon Type, available across all biomes, and biomes now feature new resources only available at UBER-12.”

No word yet on when it’s coming to console, but it’s live on PC now.

Source: Press release, official site
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