Ship of Heroes has revamped all of its NPC voices and added new ones


Heroic Games is continuing its efforts to bring modern features to indie superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes, as its latest dev blog explains – and that includes voice work for its major NPCs.

“We decided a few years back that providing character voices for our NPCs was much superior to text-only, which is used in many older MMORPGs,” the studio says. “In fact, quite a few older MMOs now have player-created voice-over plugins, because voicing the story is a widely popular feature in good MMOs. We’re keeping the text and the speech bubbles for those who like them, but the voices convey a lot of nuance.”

Heroic notes that when it first tested voices, players were impressed with the idea but not necessarily the execution. Apparently, the team has now replaced all of the early voices with “much superior new voices,” as well as boosted the number of voiced NPCs and total spoken lines, to enhance “the quality of the story telling.”

The original blog is worth a look – or a listen, rather – as it includes several specific clips.

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