A type of building-centric sandbox or pseudo-sandbox that employs voxel technology.

Multiplayer voxelbox Elteria Adventures begins open alpha testing on Steam

Elteria Adventures, the voxel-powered building and exploration sandbox that was first announced in May 2020 and elected to wholly change its visual style in...

Trove is set to launch on Nintendo Switch this summer, having counted 28M lifetime players

Remember back in April, when Gamigo parent group Media Games Invest Group told investors that it'd be launching Trove on the Nintendo Switch later...

Voxel MMO Elteria Adventures revamps its visual style, plans open playtesting this week

Back in May of last year we took a peek at Elteria Adventures, a voxel-based MMO that featured floating islands, destructible environments, building features,...

Voxelbox MMO Elteria Adventures revamps starting chapters, adds new items and hair dyeing

Allow us to look back at the early access MMO Elteria Adventures, which first came to our notice in May of 2020 with its...

Voxelbox Staxel introduces a new area, new quests, and new items with the Hideaway Hollow update

I have to admit, the name of the newly launched update for the voxel sandbox Staxel sounds kind of cozy and kitsch, like a...

Boundless introduces new sovereign and creative worlds, celebrates second birthday

There's already a fair amount of creative freedom in the voxelbox of Boundless, but as of the most recent update that freedom has extended...

Voxelbox MMO Elteria Adventures provides a roadmap of its next four ‘mega patches’

Elteria Adventures, the cutesy voxelbox MMO of "creative freedom," has offered up a look ahead to its next major content updates, aka mega patches,...

Voxelbox Staxel discusses work on its console port and confirms a new area coming to PC

Let's take a peek in to the adorable retro voxelbox Staxel, shall we? When we last reported on this one, it successfully stepped out...
Just keep building, just keep building.

Japanese survival sandbox Craftopia is hitting closed alpha in July and I want it

All MOP's Tyler had to do was say two words to me this weekend - crafting MMO - and Craftopia was instantly on my...

Dual Universe outlines alpha 3.1’s updates to visuals, warp drives, resurrection nodes, and tutorials

What's in the works for the next Dual Universe alpha build? A fair number of things according to the latest Inside Novaquark podcast. The...

Voxelbox Creativerse adds a new store item to make blueprint building easier

It's time once again to peek in on an MMO that has been out of the regular news cycle for a little while. This...

Elteria Adventures is a Landmark-like MMO of cute but deadly critters and fully destructible environments

Assuming this press release in front of me is to be believed, this new title might be the closest thing we get to seeing...

Voxelbox Boundless’ latest update is sparkling with gleambows

Spring has been busy for the blocky sandbox MMO Boundless, which is following up its April beacon reclaim patch with rainbows this week. Nope,...

Dual Universe’s beta will include new UI features, items, and reworked planets and moons

While Dual Universe is still going to focus on refining and improving the current alpha 3 build of the voxelbox, the team at Novaquark...

Finnish startup Dazzle Rocks raises $7M for new mobile ‘social sandbox MMO’

So hey, who wants to hear about a new MMO? It's a new "social sandbox MMO" from Finnish startup Dazzle Rocks, and it just...
Always something new to adventure.

Trove drops new trailer for Delves update, launching this spring

Last month, Gamigo took the wraps off of Trove next content patch, called Delves, which features content called - you guessed it - delves....

Trove’s Bunfest offers new spring event content for Gamigo’s voxelbox

My five-year-old literally woke me up this morning chattering excitedly about "Bunfest" in Trove. Not bunnies - buns. She was insistent that this was...

Starbase unveils the name of its starting planet and collects two weeks’ worth of updates

As I write this, the Starbase team is taking a break for the holidays, but beforehand it kicked out a couple of smaller updates...

Dual Universe’s roadmap dates beta for summer 2020, release in 2021, and outlines post-release content

So, yes, summer 2020 seems like a long way away, but we're also literally weeks away from the new year, so the new stuff...

Dual Universe confirms ship vs. ship combat and organizations are coming to alpha 3 in January

It's been a busy year for Dual Universe, and 2020 looks to be just as busy if the next phase of alpha is any...