Multiplayer voxelbox Elteria Adventures begins open alpha testing on Steam


Elteria Adventures, the voxel-powered building and exploration sandbox that was first announced in May 2020 and elected to wholly change its visual style in April 2021, has taken its next developmental step forward. As of this past Wednesday, the game has begun open alpha playtesting, allowing anyone to check out the game by simply clicking a button to request access on Steam.

Besides a change from smoothed voxels to cubic ones, there’s a lot of new things going on in this build of Elteria: Building is now more refined, depleted islands will now regenerate more slowly, players will be able to have a private world instead of a private island, and the overall game world is larger with more interconnected islands that can be reached on foot instead of via portals.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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