Voxel MMO Elteria Adventures revamps its visual style, plans open playtesting this week


Back in May of last year we took a peek at Elteria Adventures, a voxel-based MMO that featured floating islands, destructible environments, building features, and monsters like Crystal Llamas and Boarmelons. It also stood out because its voxel style was very Landmark-esque, with voxels being smoothed out into more natural-looking shapes. It turns out that the devs at Elteria Team have decided to wholesale change that visual aesthetic, electing to switch to a more cubic voxel style instead.

According to the announcement post, this change in visuals allows for more natural geometries like caves and mountains, easier terramorphing that stays for far longer, and more comfortable building to allow players to create the home base of their dreams.

Initially, this new version of Elteria’s world was set to go into closed playtesting, but after a reportedly large number of people eager to sign up and try out the new cubic voxelbox, the devs have decided to make it an open playtest instead. Interested players can simply head to the game’s Steam page and request access to the new alpha by clicking on the button. As for when this alpha will kick off, the devs confirm that it should be launching sometime this week.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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