Elteria Adventures is a Landmark-like MMO of cute but deadly critters and fully destructible environments


Assuming this press release in front of me is to be believed, this new title might be the closest thing we get to seeing something resembling Landmark make a return. Say hello to Elteria Adventures, a self-described colorful MMO focused on player creativity and freedom. The presser lauds the game’s voxelbox features including fully destructible environments and build features that let players erect… well… landmarks, effectively.

Elteria Adventures fuses together several game genres, aiming for greater degrees of creative freedom. Players are able to create castles and bridges, dig deep to uncover secret caverns, and level whole mountains.”

Elteria Adventures will also feature four different Callings (read: classes) that can be swapped over to at any time, will have adorable-sounding threats like Boarmelons, Crystal Llamas, and Ground Sharks, and will even let players Polymorph into them with the associated spell, and features various floating islands that players will have to navigate between using various means like jumping, gliding, and flying.

If all of this sounds intriguing to you, Elteria Adventures will be hosting a limited-time open alpha starting on Tuesday, June 9th. You can check out a gameplay video from 2018 as well as a more recent video with the devs explaining the game from their own perspective below.

sources: press release, Steam

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With respect, it looks a lot more like Minecraft than Landmark.

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Worth keeping an eye on, but I have enough on my plate so I won’t jump in right now.