Hearthstone adds a new mini-set and Book of Mercenaries tale, plans more single-player stories for June


Update 20.4 in Hearthstone is bringing a number of new content updates to the online CCG. As of yesterday, the game has received a new Wailing Caverns mini-set with 35 new cards for players to purchase, along with a new Book of Mercenaries free story featuring the Dranei priestess Xyrella. The update has also added a number of card changes, new Battlegrounds cards, updates to duels and the arena rotation, and several bug fixes.

Looking forward to the rest of the month, June 15th will feature another Book of Mercenaries tale where players follow Gruff Runetotem and his quest to set things right after he accidentally releases a treant in Thunder Bluff. After that, a Book of Heroes story will arrive on June 22nd with a focus on the druid Malfurion. As per usual, completing these linear storylines offer a variety of rewards for players, including class-specific card packs. All of the details can be found in the patch notes.

sources: press release, official site
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