Official Site: Hearthstone
Studio: Blizzard Entertainment
Launch Date: March 11, 2014
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mac, Mobile

Hearthstone: March of the Lich King arrives today with the Death Knight and 145 new cards

You can't keep a powerful lich king down! We mean that literally: You bury one, and it'll pop back up in the morning with...

Hearthstone preps March of the Lich King set with new patch

It's not quite launch day for Hearthstone's newest card set, March of the Lich King, but that's not going to stop Blizzard from being...

WoW, Overwatch, Diablo, and more to sunset in China following failed Blizzard-Netease licensing deal

Last week, as part of its Q3 2022 investor report, Activision-Blizzard included what we described as an ominous note about its apparent difficulties negotiating...

Hearthstone applies updates to Battlegrounds and Arenas, Overwatch releases a new novel

We're pulling together the news from Hearthstone and Overwatch together into their own combined story simply because they're kind of teeny on their own...

First impressions of Marvel Snap, an addictive mobile card game by Hearthstone’s former director

Feeling the effects of the "superhero movie fatigue syndrome" that's going around these days, I wasn't overly eager to check out Marvel Snap when...
We're still here, yes.

Activision-Blizzard Q3 2022: Blizzard MAUs and revenues are up as NetEase dispute looms on the horizon

Welcome back to our trimonthly coverage of Activision-Blizzard's quarterly financials. As of this afternoon, we have Q3's results, comprising July, August, and September 2022....

Hearthstone announces March of the Lich King expansion for December 6

Hearthstone is basically built on top of Warcraft universe lore, so Blizzard's announcement today - that the game's net expansion is called March of...
You aren't going anywhere for a while, right?

The Daily Grind: What’s the best online card game you’ve ever played?

I've always held fleeting love affairs with digital card games. I played a whole lot of Magic Online back in the day, not to...

Not So Massively: Eternal Card Game is a solo-friendly hidden gem

Over the past year or so I've developed what you might call a bit of an interest in collectible card games. Mostly I play...

Hearthstone releases its new mini-set and updates Battlegrounds and Mercenaries in latest patch

The time for Maw and Disorder is now in Hearthstone's newest patch, which brings on the titular mini-set the CCG unveiled last week -...

Hearthstone’s Maw and Disorder mini-set brings new cards and mechanics on September 27

Apparently there's something of a little narrative going on in Hearthstone, as the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion has seen Sylvanas accused of the...

Multiplayer card battler Marvel Snap announces a full release on PC and mobile October 18

Remember Marvel Snap? It's a self-described multiplayer card battler that was first unveiled this past May from the team at Second Dinner, the studio...
Mature, intelligent decisions.

Hearthstone launches the new battlegrounds season and its wildly unpopular new monetization model

If you thought the gnashing of teeth and brandishing of pitchforks was going to be enough to dissuade Hearthstone away from its new monetization...

Hearthstone’s second battleground season begins next week with major monetization charges

Practice your fancy shuffle, my friends, for Hearthstone's second battlegrounds season is set to start next week on August 30th. Yesterday, Blizzard announced what...

Why I Play: Returning to Diablo III in 2022

I don't know if there's a marketing term for this phenomenon, but Diablo Immortal did an excellent job selling Diablo III. Popular streamers all caught...

Murder at Castle Nathria goes live with a ‘Hearthstone whodunnit’

Unpopular opinion time, but I think that Hearthstone's view of the Warcraft universe always seems more fun and interesting than World of Warcraft's. It's...

Activision-Blizzard Q2 2022: More revenue dips for WoW, ABK, and Blizzard in spite of Diablo Immortal

Welcome back to our regular coverage of Activision-Blizzard's quarterly financials. As of this afternoon, we have Q2's results, comprising April, May, and June 2022; let's...

Battle Bards Episode 214: Thieves and rogues

You may never see them coming, but when the Battle Bards strike out of the shadows, you’ll either find your pocket picked, your fluffy...

Hearthstone’s Murder at Castle Nathria expansion brings a murder mystery and new card types on August 2

Hearthstone is once again playing around with the lore and setting it's based on, though considering this all takes place in the Shadowlands -...

Hearthstone’s latest patch seeks to corral Fel Demon Hunter and Control Warrior decks

Hearthstone is continuing to turn the big giant knobs of balance with its most recent patch, seeking to address metagame concerns related to some...