Official Site: Hearthstone
Studio: Blizzard Entertainment
Launch Date: March 11, 2014
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mac, Mobile

The MOP Up: FFXIV recaps its PAX East appearance

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Hearthstone has kicked off its fairytale season 7 and the new battlegrounds duos mode

Blizzard has been busy the past week, and now it's turned its attention back over to Hearthstone, which officially launched its Battlegrounds Duos mode...

Blizzard’s return to China has already counted over two million interested WoW players

After over a year of bad blood following the removal of most all Blizzard's games from China, the World of Warcraft studio is poised...

Hearthstone launches co-op Battlegrounds Duos with April 16’s season 7

Blizzard has taken the stress-free packaging off its new Hearthstone toy, announcing the impending launch of Battlegrounds Duos, which the team first previewed at...

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April Fools’ Day 2024 events and gags from around the MMORPG world

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Diablo IV spruces up its looks, Diablo Immortal drops its first 2024 update, and Hearthstone updates its core set

Blizzard's being quite the busy little bee this week, so let's check in with the studio's multiplayer titles to see what's happening lately. Diablo Immortal...
You aren't going anywhere for a while, right?

Hearthstone celebrates its 10th anniversary with gifts and World of Warcraft promotions

Where were you 10 years ago this month? There's a good probability that you were part of the curious crowd downloading Blizzard's new Warcraft-themed...

The MOP Up: Myth of Empires pumps out even more servers

The freshly released Myth of Empires rolled out yet another batch of New Era servers this past weekend with realms in Oceania, Asia, Europe,...

Emmy-winning composer Russell Brower talks about making Tarisland’s soundtrack

Whatever concerns or qualms you might have about Tencent's upcoming Tarisland, the soundtrack shouldn't be one of them. That's because the game signed on...

World of Warcraft fans can snag a free Fiery Hearthsteed mount in March when Hearthstone turns 10

Pop quiz, hotshots: How old would you say Hearthstone is? If you said 10, well, you probably cheated because it's right there in the...

Global Chat: The EverQuest Fippy Awards

The EverQuest Show is starting the year with a for-fun awards ceremony featuring the two EverQuest MMOs. Who will win? Who will lose? Will this be...

Hearthstone’s Delve into Deepholm mini-set adds new dual-class cards and new minions January 18

While we might think Hearthstone is possibly in for a boring 2024, that isn't stopping the digital CCG from trying to keep its recently...

The Soapbox: Hearthstone is probably in for another boring year in 2024

I recently got a survey in my email on Hearthstone and its future. The last time a Hearthstone survey got sent out, the idea...

Hearthstone is sunsetting its Duels Mode in April, Blizzard has announced

Hearthstone fans are in for disappointment today as Blizzard has announced the impending demise of the game's Duels Mode. "As we think about the future...

Bobby Kotick finally departs Activision-Blizzard next week, but Microsoft will keep some of his execs

Bobby Kotick - a man who somehow hung onto his job even after The Wall Street Journal published the revelation that he'd threatened to...

Hearthstone is happy with reception to Showdown in the Badlands but touches up some cards in latest patch

Getting the balance of a digital TCG is going to be an endless effort, especially when a new card set is added, but by...

Not So Massively: Eternal Card Game’s gauntlet problem

A little over a year ago, I discovered digital CCG Eternal Card Game and sung the praises of its robust solo content. Since then...

First Impressions: Warcraft Rumble is a slick but shambolic multiplayer romp

I won't say that Warcraft Rumble was at the top of my most-anticipated games of 2024, but I've been low-key excited about this title...

Hearthstone’s Showdown in the Badlands releases, Overwatch 2 patches in a reworked Roadhog

It's another bundle of Blizzard game news tied into one package, and this one is specifically for the digital CCG and team-based shooter fans,...