Hearthstone has kicked off its fairytale season 7 and the new battlegrounds duos mode


Blizzard has been busy the past week, and now it’s turned its attention back over to Hearthstone, which officially launched its Battlegrounds Duos mode last night, alongside the game’s seventh season of battlegrounds play.

“Battlegrounds Duos is a new Mode within Battlegrounds,” the studio explains. “In Duos, you and a partner team up against three other teams of two. Each team has a shared Health and Armor pool, can see each other’s boards, can communicate with each other using pings, and can Pass each other cards through the Portal. Generally, Battlegrounds changes (like minion and hero updates, seasonal mechanics, etc.) will apply to both regular Battlegrounds and Battlegrounds Duos. If you know Battlegrounds, you can jump into Duos right away” – but if you don’t, the key takeaways are that there are some new special minions and heroes and some upgrade costs are higher.

Season 7 has also kicked off, resetting ratings and unleashing a new fairytale theme on the game – and its cosmetics. “Tavern spells are not being removed and are now considered a regular part of Battlegrounds going forward,” Blizzard notes. “Turn timers have been temporarily extended for the start of the new season; turn timers will be reverted in a later update.”

Source: Patch notes, press release
Activision-Blizzard is considered a controversial gaming company owing to a long string of scandals going back to 2019, including the Blitzchung boycott, mass layoffs, labor disputes, pay disparities, sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits, federal settlements, executive misconduct, botched Chinese partnership, unionbusting, disastrous management, brain drain, and bungled games. As of 2023, the company was finally acquired by Microsoft; just this year, it’s laid off 800 workers and misled gamers about WoW subs.
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