Hearthstone launches co-op Battlegrounds Duos with April 16’s season 7


Blizzard has taken the stress-free packaging off its new Hearthstone toy, announcing the impending launch of Battlegrounds Duos, which the team first previewed at last fall’s BlizzCon.

“The basics of Duos are the same as when we first announced it,” Blizzard says in today’s announcement. “You and a partner queue together in a game against three other teams of two players. Teams have shared life totals, pass each other cards through the Portal (for 1 Gold), and fight in tag-team combat to take the crown! You can swap between solo Battlegrounds and Battlegrounds Duos on the main Battlegrounds menu. From the Duos menu, you can invite a friend to play as your teammate, or you can queue on your own to get paired with a random player and make a new friend! There will be separate ratings for solo Battlegrounds and Battlegrounds Duos, and separate leaderboards.”

Naturally, the release comes with Duos-related heroes and cards, along with the rest of season 7, which includes new minions, new tavern spells, a beast rework, balance tweaks, and the fairy-tale-themed rewards track. The new season launches April 16th.

Source: Official site, press release
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