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Hearthstone begins Halloween celebrations with the Masquerade Ball event

Some balls are held for charity and some for fancy dress, but the ball being held in Hearthstone's Scholomace Academy is the one...

Hearthstone previews card balance adjustments coming in July

Getting ahead of meta changes in Hearthstone is likely always welcome for players of the digital CCG, so Blizzard has shared a heads-up...

Hearthstone celebrates the Felfire Festival and makes some changes to Battlegrounds

It's time to celebrate the Felfire Festival in Hearthstone! Which means playing card games! Which is expected behavior in a digital CCG, if...

Legends of Runeterra squashes bugs in patch 1.1, promises balance changes in patch 1.2

With Riot's CCG Legends of Runeterra now an officially launched game, the endless dragon's tail chase begins of attacking bugs and balancing...

Legends of Runeterra officially releases with a new set and talks about randomness in CCGs

Today is the day for Riot Games' League of Legends digital CCG to officially exit beta as Legends of Runeterra has officially released,...

Legends of Runeterra previews the Noxus region and confirms an April 30 launch date

Riot Games' digital CCG Legends of Runeterra is about to step out of open beta and into fully-launched product, confirming its launch on...

Legends of Runeterra removes limitations on Vault rewards, XP, and wildcard purchases

You know that scene in certain action anime shows where a character takes off some weighted equipment in order to unleash their full speed?...
The fanboy mines are harder to work all the time.

Valve’s Gabe Newell discusses the time he was a gold farmer in World of Warcraft (for research)

Apparently, Gabe Newell -- you know, the billionaire president of Valve who has enough money to, say, throw it into the bonfire of

Valve plans a wholesale reboot for its digital CCG Artifact

Like the Black Knight of Monty Python and the Holy Grail fame, Valve's Artifact is not ready to give up the fight...

PAX East 2020: Hands-on with Cryptic’s Magic Legends

I’ll be honest, Magic: The Gathering is one realm of geekdom that I’ve never really gotten into. I know a bit about it, but...

The Game Archaeologist: The legacy of Guild Wars

Last week on The Game Archaeologist, we examined the exciting beginnings of Guild Wars, thanks to a trio of ex-Blizzard developers who...

Legends of Runeterra promises monthly updates, new modes, and fewer ‘trash cards’

Riot Games' shiny new digital CCG Legends of Runeterra has high hopes for itself. Executive producer Jeff Jew elaborated on a number...

Online tactical CCG Duelyst is officially shutting down in February

There will soon be one less online CCG for people to enjoy as of February with the official closure of Bandai Namco's

Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra writes a thank-you note to its community

Awwww, Riot Games loves its Legends of Runeterra players. In a moment of warm fuzzies, the devs of the League of Legends...

Hearthstone previews Galakrond’s Awakening adventures, Overwatch brings on the Year of the Rat event

It's time for Blizzard game news that doesn't involve WoW! No, I'm not writing about anything new from Diablo III. That'd just be silly....

Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra enters open beta on January 24

It would appear that there's enough of a fanbase for the in-development League of Legends CCG Legends of Runeterra that Riot is...

Demi is a free-to-play online TCG with battling pantheons and online card trading now on Kickstarter

To read the crowdfunding pitch of Demi, you'd be forgiven for thinking that card games have lost some of the plot, and if...

Riot teases League of Legends’ Clash, new champions, and next Legends of Runeterra beta for 2020

"New year, new Rift" promises the start of League of Legends' latest video which showcases a number of new features and developments players...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends teases January update, Carrie Fisher tribute event tonight

There's a content update on the horizon for Star Wars Galaxies Legends and it apparently really enjoys being a Sith. The sandbox rogue...

Hearthstone details its December 10 Descent of Dragons expansion

Dragons are coming to Hearthstone, and they're angry. Why are they always angry? Why can't dragons be more chill like Puff or the...