Marvel Snap studio secures $100M investment that assures independence and new game creation


Second Dinner, the studio headed by former Hearthstone dev Ben Brode that managed to nail down the Marvel IP to launch its digital CCG Marvel Snap (and reportedly hurt Bobby Kotick’s feelings in the process), appears to be quick to spread some good news about its future following the shtudown of its publisher Nuverse last year. That good news comes by way of a fresh round of Series B funding, which earned Second Dinner a cool $100M investment from Griffin Gaming Partners.

Second Dinner plans on using this fresh injection of cash to develop new titles, incubate an original IP, and continue growth, while also assuring investors and industry watchers that the funding will allow the studio to remain independent. As for details on what this new game will be, those aren’t shared; both sides would rather issue statements that paint a rosy picture of the future.

Speaking of rosy pictures, last week Snap put out a roadmap that promises a character mastery feature, in-game events, the introduction of clans (aka guilds), and the option to boost specific character cards through booster vats. The roadmap also outlines in-concept items like a new game mode, new card mechanics, and clan competition features.

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