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Marvel Snap previews its May update with five more mutants and heroes

Marvel Snap is about to take May by storm thanks to its A Blink in Time season. Second Dinner's Ben Brode -- as hyper...

NetEase and Marvel Games are building a new team shooter called Marvel Rivals, with closed alpha in May

The lack of Marvel in the MMO space has always seemed kind of weird, especially given the vacuum left by the beloved Marvel Heroes,...

Marvel Snap’s big feature patch adds graveyards, custom borders, and undo turn

Marvel Snap's first big feature drop of 2024 is here, bringing with it several much-requested quality-of-life improvements to the multiplayer card battler. Second Dinner released...

The MOP Up: Myth of Empires pumps out even more servers

The freshly released Myth of Empires rolled out yet another batch of New Era servers this past weekend with realms in Oceania, Asia, Europe,...

Q4 2023: NetEase’s revenues soar as the company invests in the western gaming industry

I am not sure whether it's dawned on MMORPG fans yet, but NetEase is doing a lot more than jousting with Blizzard and milking...

Marvel Snap nerfs Blob, its troublesome deck-eater

Whenever you have a card game where the very basis of your revenue stream is the constant introduction of new cards, unbalanced concepts are...

Marvel Snap studio secures $100M investment that assures independence and new game creation

Second Dinner, the studio headed by former Hearthstone dev Ben Brode that managed to nail down the Marvel IP to launch its digital CCG...

Marvel Snap’s 2024 roadmap covers guilds, events, and character mastery

With a little over a year of live operation under its belt and a whole lot of acclaim, Marvel Snap continues to be one...

Superhero card battler DC Dual Force surrenders to a shutdown

Back in October, we reported on the launch of DC Dual Force, a card battler that came out in response to the popularity of...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 449: We didn’t start the Light No Fire

Justin and Bree discuss MMO holiday events, Light No Fire, The Day Before, and EverQuest, with adventures in LOTRO, SWTOR, WoW Classic, and Project Gorgon, plus mailbag topics on holiday gaming memories and Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap’s publisher is shutting down but developer says the TCG will ‘continue to operate and flourish’

ByteDance, the Chinese company responsible for the TikTok app, has decided that entering the gaming market is not going to work out after all....

Marvel Snap brings new cards and new locations in latest season, removes nerf to Mobius card

"Digital card game gets more cards" might seem like run-of-the-mill news when it comes to titles like Marvel Snap, but the variety of cards...

Greg Street announces his new MMORPG, dubbed Ghost and funded by NetEase

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has been talking big on Twitter about his new game studio and new MMORPG following his exit from Riot Games and...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Mortal Kombat Onslaught, DC Dual Force, Definya, Project Mist

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent multiplayer titles you've (probably) never heard of! Mortal Kombat Onslaught: This Warner Bros. multiplayer mobile...

The Soapbox: How Vanguard’s diplomacy system could be revived and improved

Once upon a time there was an MMORPG called Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It wasn't the most popular MMO, but it did cultivate a...

NetEase announces another new MMO studio: Rich Vogel’s T-Minus Zero Entertainment

NetEase has made no secret of its goals for expansion in the west: It managed to snurch Jack Emmert away from Daybreak to build...

Marvel Snap’s development roadmap shows PC launch, new reward track, and guilds

The future of Marvel Snap is full of many developments indeed, if Second Dinner's latest roadmap is any indication. The studio divided projects between...

Marvel Snap introduces gacha-like ‘premium mystery variants’ and retools its card cache reward system

The ways that players of the digital CCG Marvel Snap get new cards is changing with the game's latest patch, and arguably not for...

Why I Play: Six things that thrill me about Marvel Snap

At this point, I've now played more Marvel Snap than I have of my last digital card game obsession, Hearthstone. Since getting into it...

Marvel Snap gets even more multiplayer with today’s battle mode

It's been one of the most requested features of Ben Brode's Marvel Snap: A one-on-one battle mode to duke it out between friends. And...