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Genshin Impact plans esports invitational centered around the Genius Invokation TCG

Genshin Impact and esports isn't exactly a pairing one would consider from the outside looking in, particularly since the title's primary gameplay loop is...

Requia Online Reborn brings an ‘accessible’ form of the mobile TCG RPG MMO to Steam early access on June 23

It's not just a TCG, and it's not quite an MMORPG, but it does have a little bit of all three of these acronyms...

Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds Season 4 gets new hero, new minions, and keyword adjustments May 9

Hearthstone's Battlegrounds mode is moving forward with its fourth season, and it's introducing some more of the Festival of Legends expansion's flavor, with some...

Hearthstone’s latest balance patch tries to tune all of the CCG’s classes

It's time yet again for that most vaunted or feared moment in a digital CCG's development: the big ol' balance patch, specifically the latest...

Legends of Runeterra promises quarterly releases in 2023 with new champions, modes, and features

"As a small team of passionate developers, we have been taking your requests for more content with more consistency seriously," opens part of a...

Digital CCG Eternal launches new Behemoths of Thera card set

This week saw the release of Eternal Card Game's latest card set, Behemoths of Thera. Set in a world ruled by gigantic beasts, Behemoths...

Multiplayer CCG Marvel Snap shares a new gameplay trailer ahead of its October 18 launch

Next week is seeing a new digital CCG leap into the ring, and it's wearing all the Marvel superhero costumes at once. Marvel Snap,...

Wizards of the Coast silently soft-launches character-driven online CCG Magic Spellslingers for PC and mobile

If a digital card game launches and there aren't banner ads slathered all over websites, does its arrival make a sound? This may indeed...

Legends of Runeterra’s newest patch focuses on bug fixes but promises balance changes are coming soon

Are you angry at the meta that's looming over Legends of Runeterra? If that's the case, you're going to find no joy in the...

Here’s why a Magic: The Gathering hall-of-famer was disqualified from Mythic Championship II

It's not an MMO, but it's one more example of the problems of competitive gaming: Last weekend's Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship II took...

Planeswalkers unite as the War of the Spark hits Magic: The Gathering Arena

Rally to arms, Planeswalkers; the latest Magic: The Gathering set, War of the Spark, has landed in MTG Arena, bringing with it a game-changing...