Requia Online Reborn brings an ‘accessible’ form of the mobile TCG RPG MMO to Steam early access on June 23


It’s not just a TCG, and it’s not quite an MMORPG, but it does have a little bit of all three of these acronyms put together, which is good because TCGRPGMMO is a visual mess. So we’ll continue to call it by its name, Requia Online: Reborn, and as the subtitle suggests, it’s something of a renewal of the game’s 2021 edition as it expands from mobile to Steam.

“Venture into the world of Requia, where you’ll strive to conquer the ancient planet Aurelis and embark on countless quests in pursuit of fame and glory. Define your role as a fighter, paladin, magician, or any other class, limited only by your equipment cards and your deck. Forge your unique path in the game and carve out your own destiny.”

The actual gamplay features of Requia Reborn are still the same, with trappings that strike familiar to MMO fans like resource gathering and crafting, a total of six classes, an auction house system, and weekly events. Gameplay itself involves crafting a deck of attack, buff, and debuff cards from a total of 270 cards, and gameplay modes include PvP duels, an arena, and co-operative fights against powerful creatures.

The game is scheduled to make its Steam early access debut on Friday, June 23rd, for a projected period of six months, with studio ODY Software aiming to make the game accessible to new players yet still challenging enough to dig in to. The game’s trailer has also been “reborn” after a fashion; that can be seen below.

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