Enshrouded is a 16-person survival action RPG headed for early access later this year


It would appear that the survival RPG sub-genre well hasn’t been tapped completely dry yet (presumably) as we’re seeing a new game of this type headed for an early access release. This time we’re looking at Enshrouded, a self-described survival action RPG sandbox for between one and 16 players to explore at once.

Enshrouded is set in a decaying world of magic and beauty, ruined by a pestilence unleashed from the depths of the earth. Roaming and ravaging the land are the mutated remnants of its fallen people — driven to madness and controlled by the fog. But above the mists and hidden deep in ancient temples, warriors from a forgotten age sleep, dreamless and impervious to time.”

Features for this upcoming game include ARPG-like active combat; plenty of skill customization for players to make the Flameborn character they wish; a whole bevy of base building and crafting, complete with special NPCs that can be found and employed to make powerful items; and plenty of enemies and bosses to face, all in a large open world setting.

Enshrouded comes to us from developer Keen Games, which is known as the studio behind Portal Knights. Readers might remember that the studio got a $10M investment for a then-planned “spiritual successor.” Whether that game evolved into the title that’s coming later isn’t immediately obvious, but there are things to look at on Steam or in the video below.

source: press release
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