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Enshrouded adds musical instruments and a new sub-biome in today’s Melodies of the Mire patch

The games industry is contractually obligated to provide us with at least one smash-hit survivalbox game every year - sorry, I don't make the...

Enshrouded opens the reward-filled Hollow Halls dungeons in its latest patch

The survival sandbox world of early access title Enshrouded has gotten that much bigger this week with the launch of the Hollow Halls update,...

Enshrouded’s 2024 roadmap promises dungeons, farming, functioning chairs, biomes, and water

When it comes to adding updates to a survival sandbox (or any MMO/multiplayer game), it's generally a good idea to cast a wide net....

Enshrouded offers up some beginner’s tips in its latest video

Enshrouded might be familiar to survival sandbox vets, but it's also possible that some of its systems are unique to those players, or that...

Enshrouded’s first major patch addresses bugs, crashes, multiplayer stability, and world reset timing

It's been a couple of weeks since the survival sandbox Enshrouded made its early access debut, and while the game has received several hotfixes...

Enshrouded celebrates over one million players, vows to continue to ‘kick some bug ass’

While it's certainly nowhere near as viral as another survival game in early access, Keen Games' own multiplayer survivalbox Enshrouded hasn't been a slouch...

Co-op survivalbox Enshrouded just launched into Steam early access

When I logged into my guild's Discord this morning, I realized half my crew was excitedly chattering about Enshrouded, multiplayer survival sandbox that we...

Multiplayer survival ARPG Enshrouded will premiere a playable demo during October’s Steam Next Fest

The demo-thon that is Steam Next Fest isn't scheduled until October 9th, but that isn't stopping some games within our sphere of interest from...

Enshrouded is a 16-person survival action RPG headed for early access later this year

It would appear that the survival RPG sub-genre well hasn't been tapped completely dry yet (presumably) as we're seeing a new game of this...

Portal Knights studio gets $10M investment to make open-world sandbox

After selling over 3.5 million copies of Portal Knights, what's indie developer Keen Games going to do next? Make an even bigger game, that's...

Co-op sandbox Portal Knights releases free Questing Update and DLC

The adorable fantasy-construction-sandbox world of Portal Knights has just gotten a little bit bigger today with the dual-pronged release of a free game update...