Enshrouded opens the reward-filled Hollow Halls dungeons in its latest patch


The survival sandbox world of early access title Enshrouded has gotten that much bigger this week with the launch of the Hollow Halls update, which introduces a wide assortment of new challenges for players to face and new goodies to discover and unlock.

The tentpole attraction for the patch are the titular Hollow Halls, a series of four new “expansive” dungeons found in each biome of the game’s landmass that promise delves filled with new enemies, new traps, and new rewards. Each of these dungeons are scaled to the level of the biome they’re found in terms of challenge and enemies, while goodies hiding within include a new survivor to meet, a new crafting table with new recipes, and some new weapons, building blocks, furniture, and decorative props.

While plumbing dungeons is the marquee feature, the patch has also added quality-of-life features like better stack splitting, the ability to craft items in stacks, pinging functionality in multiplayer, and UI updates for player trading and server searching. The game has also gotten several stability and performance updates and applied a wide assortment of bug fixes, so players will probably want to familiarize themselves with everything before they start flinging themselves into the new dungeons.

sources: press release, Steam
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