Multiplayer survival ARPG Enshrouded will premiere a playable demo during October’s Steam Next Fest


The demo-thon that is Steam Next Fest isn’t scheduled until October 9th, but that isn’t stopping some games within our sphere of interest from tossing their hat into the ring. Case in point, Enshrouded, the 16-player survival action RPG that made its debut this past May, has now announced a playable demo during Next Fest on October 9th.

“Begin your demo anew as the Flameborn recently awakened to the devastated lands of Embervale, constructing Flame Altars to aid your quest in discovering the riches and ruin left, including the mysterious, lingering fog hovering over the land.”

According to developer Keen Games, this demo will feature hours of gameplay including building, fighting, befriending a legendary blacksmith, exploring, terraforming, tearing down, and leveling up. The demo build will have a limited area but will allow players to construct, craft, and enjoy combat either in co-op or solo play.

The announcement also leans into Enshrouded’s more relaxed survival gameplay style, pointing out how food and shelter provides buffs as opposed to being hard requirements to simply exist, along with references to the studio’s “voxel-engine sandbox fun” found in its prior release Portal Knights. Some of that gameplay is previewed in the video below.

source: press release
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