Co-op sandbox Portal Knights releases free Questing Update and DLC


The adorable fantasy-construction-sandbox world of Portal Knights has just gotten a little bit bigger today with the dual-pronged release of a free game update and new DLC. The free update, aptly titled the Questing Update, allows players to journey to the Mage’s Guild, where they’ll find new characters to meet, new quests to complete, and plenty of Elysian lore to uncover.

To make questing a bit more manageable, players now have access to a proper quest log that will record their quest progress and allow them to choose which quests they want to track. And for those who would rather make their own content, Creative Mode now offers players the chance to create their own dungeons, where they can “place monsters and create traps and puzzles with new logic blocks, buttons, pressure plates, and more.”

In addition to the free update, players who are willing to shell out a little extra dough can expand their game even further with the new Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC, which adds… exactly what it says on the tin. Players who purchase the DLC will be able to create Elvish characters with their own unique appearance options, including “new customizable ears, Elvish hair styles, skin tones, and more.” The DLC also adds the archetypal sneak-and-stab class the Rogue, which comes with an array of new talents and additional craftable weapons and armor.

And after paying a visit to the new Elvish City and Rogue’s Guild hubs, players can dive into some randomly generated Roguelite Rifts, where they’ll have a limited time to delve as deep as they can, dodging dastardly traps and solving puzzles in search of valuable loot. Both the Quest Update and the Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC are available now on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with the Nintendo Switch versions arriving later this summer.

Source: Press Release
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