Albion Online deep-dives the Knightfall Abbey’s curious dungeon mechanics


Sandbox Interactive’s Robin Henkys is back in the Comfy Chair to talk Albion Online, homing in on next week’s Knightfall release – specifically the eponymous Knightfall Abbey.

Don’t let its name fool you; the Abbey is actually a dungeon buried in the Mists. “This place was once a stronghold of King Arthur’s loyal nights but is now lost in the Mists,” Henkys intones. “Halls in which knightly virtues were once upheld are now filled with the shambling remains of those knights and their retinue.”

As with much of the impromptu PvE content in the game, “Entrances to the Abbey will shimmer into existence temporarily” in what sounds like a random spawn. Different rooms in the Abbey are anchored by statues that hold rewards (either buffs or treasure) for those who defeat the nearby baddies. And of course, this is the Mists, so this is a PvP area – tourists be warned.

If you’re just heading into Albion or thinking of returning, remember that it runs monthly challenge seasons with mounts as the ultimate reward, and they’re very achievable for casuals in just a couple of weeks (also usually worth selling for plenty of coin on the market in-game if the theme’s not your vibe). The month of May hosts the Morgana challenge with the Morgana raven mount awaiting you.

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