Hearthstone takes a deep-dive into the Titan card type arriving with its next expansion


As we noted last week, Hearthstone introduced its new Titans expansion, which is headlined by the titular card type that will grant every class in the CCG some unique play strategies. But just what are these Titan cards all about and how are they affected by other keywords in the game? That’s being detailed in a recent developer forum post.

The post takes another breakdown of the Titan card’s play flow, then follows that up with an extremely granular look at how Titan cards are affected by other existing mechanics, with a primary focus on how keywords like windfury and silence affect these cards. The post also explains what happens when a Titan is forced to attack, when it’s returned to a hand, when it has no targets to attack, and when it’s copied, among other things.

If you’re the sort of person looking to deck build and theorycraft before the expansion’s August 1st release, there is a lot of strategy talk going on that you might want to read through.

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