Conan Exiles launches a booster event as recompense for a bug that was eating buildings and placeables


Conan Exiles’ Age of War release apparently had a case of digital termites: The launch last week introduced a particularly nasty bug that saw buildings and placeables suddenly losing stability and disappearing. Funcom has since explained what went wrong and has kicked off a boosting event to make it right.

In short, a collision problem with the Nemedian foundation pieces caused a conflict with items placed on those foundations, which resulted in the aforementioned item destruction. Funcom stated that it’s unable to restore items lost due to the bug, but players can enjoy increased challenge XP, doubled resource spawn rates on official servers, tripled harvest rates on PvE servers, and an increase to the challenge daily reset between July 6th and July 20th.

“We understand that those affected have lost time and resources invested into their experiences, and we sincerely apologize for any frustration caused by this issue,” reads the announcement. “It is our hope that these boosts can alleviate the sting of losing progress and help you build back and grow your coffers in preparation for the battles that await you in the Age of War.”

Speaking of Exiles building matters, Funcom is also extending building decay timers through July and August to 20 days instead of 10 in order to let players enjoy the summertime season out-of-game without feeling like they have to constantly login to ensure their holdings don’t crumble into dust. Or get eaten by termites.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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