Aliens invade Fallout 76 for the Fourth of July


Just like that one movie back in the day, aliens are invading Earth on America’s Independence Day. And just like that one movie (I think it was called “Bad Boys”), earthlings are fighting back. Fallout 76 welcomes back the Invaders from Beyond event today and challenges players to push back against the alien threat through July 11th.

“Every hour at the top of the hour, the alien mothership will appear over one of several high-profile Appalachian locations to deploy three brainwave siphons in the area. Destroy the siphons and let those dangerous beings know they’re not welcome! Be careful though, as while this event is active you may encounter rogue visitors at various public events and in your travels across the map.”

In other news, Fallout 76 is testing… something. What is it? We have no idea. Bethesda is purposefully not saying yet, other than hinting that it “some significant changes to the base game that you will notice upon starting a brand-new character and venturing outside of the Vault.”

Source: Fallout 76
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