4th of july

Aliens invade Fallout 76 for the Fourth of July

Just like that one movie back in the day, aliens are invading Earth on America's Independence Day. And just like that one movie (I...

Neverwinter kicks off the Celebration of Llirra just in time for the Fourth of July

Neverwinter might just be the first MMO out of the gate this year with a fireworks-laden Fourth-of-July-inspired event, though of course Perfect World calls...

Champions Online salutes patriotism in spandex

We are still rubbing our eyes in disbelief that Cryptic Studios is actually investing development effort into the long-neglected Champions Online -- but hey,...
If the biggest problem is not having much use for the skins, you're probably fine.

Hi-Rez brings American flair to Paladins and SMITE for the 4th of July

Hi-Rez is getting in on the 4th of July festivities by bringing some star-spangled skins (and a delightfully campy voice pack) to Paladins and...

Champions Online announces the Patriot’s Celebration for Independence Day and Canada Day

It's June 28th, and that means there's only seven days left to get your 4th of July events posted. Champions Online is waaaay out...

GTA Online’s Independence Day content is absurdly awesome

Nothing says Independence Day like gang warfare in the streets of Los Santos using guns painted like flags, am I right? Yep, Rockstar is...