Champions Online announces the Patriot’s Celebration for Independence Day and Canada Day

It’s June 28th, and that means there’s only seven days left to get your 4th of July events posted. Champions Online is waaaay out ahead of the pack with the Patriot’s Celebration it’s announcing today. Bonus: It manages to include Canada too. Awww, hugs for Canada!

“Today, we have a special event for Champions Online in celebration of Canada Day and the upcoming Independence Day. This year, our Fourth of July event will feature brand new costume awards each week for two weeks! Known as the Patriot’s Celebration, this in-game event will have players queue up for the Red Winter Alert in order to fight against a team that looks to rebuild their motherland in a version of the Cold War.”

The event runs until July 10th, and as of now, you can redeem your “Patriot Tokens” for a mask and some golden wings because why not. Hey, maybe you could put the costume pieces on the new toons you rolled up thanks to the cheaper prices on new character slots. There’s an idea!

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Hikari Kenzaki

I wish CO looked like the picture above and not the cartoon, uncanny valley horror show that it really is.


I was replaying Ultimate Spider-man from.. over ten years ago last week. The whole time, I was wishing Cryptic would have really committed to the comic styling and made it look more like that game, which honestly nailed the aesthetic (aged as it is). Ah well. What could have been…

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Honestly, aesthetics are the least of champs’ problems…