champions online

Official Site: Champions Online
Studio: Cryptic Studios/Perfect World Entertainment
Launch Date: September 1, 2009
Genre: Superhero Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Cash Shop, Optional Sub)
Platform: PC

Games startup Elodie Games announces Project Skies, a ‘social cooperative action RPG game’

At this point, we all see a press release from a new startup studio with tons of investment money touting devs from the likes...

Embracer’s revenues soar as LOTR gets new games and Neverwinter, Star Trek Online bolster back catalogue

Embracer Group posted its fiscal year Q3 2022 earnings today, representing the fourth quarter of the year (October, November, and December). The megacorp saw...

Champions Online fights a random server error that caused players to get stuck in maps over the weekend

Were you among those players who were stuck in a map in Champions Online? You most certainly were not alone, and the devs spent...

Dungeons and Dragons Online sleds into the Snowpeaks Festival today

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Star Trek Online has a new executive producer, players have a new hairdo

You might have missed it in the excitement of yesterday's Refractions release, but Star Trek Online apparently has a new executive producer: Jarrod Fisher....

Blizzard polls players about a Hearthstone sub as it scales back esports

We begin this article by noting right up front that Blizzard is terribly fond of floating bad ideas in surveys and then saying, Ha...
There's always something to fight!

Epic MMO Battles of History: Azeroth vs. Final Fantasy XIV antagonists

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TERA Console tweaks classes and battlegrounds as a new TERA PC rogue server launches

With the PC version of TERA being shuttered this past June, news out of the MMORPG now comes exclusively from its console version, which...

Champions Online kicks off its festive winter event, preps costume contest in honor of Kevin Conroy

Sure, the winter event happening in Champions Online is precisely the same as last year, and that probably can strike as a bit boring,...

Five things that excite me playing World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

For most of 2022, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was so far down my list of "most anticipated releases" as to be falling off the...

The Daily Grind: What’s the least appealing weapon in MMOs?

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LOTRO Legendarium: What class should you pick in LOTRO?

Hunter. Thanks for coming to the column! See you in the next one! What, you want a bit more than that? Sheesh, fine. I'll stop amusing...

Champions Online begins the first week of its Blood Moon Halloween celebration

There is a bad moon on the rise in Champions Online, but it hopefully won't be a bad time for players as it's the...

The Stream Team: The challenge of Crystal Cove in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Treasure? Pirates? Yup, those sounds like something Massively OP's MJ would be interested in! And DDO's Euphonia's Challenge, The Treasure of Crystal Cove event...

One Shots: A line-up of champions

You know that you've finally made it as a bona fide hero when you are asked to line up in a dramatic group pose....

Lord of the Rings Online is about to give soloers a way to earn raid gear

In an hour-and-a-half Q&A video this past Friday, Standing Stone Games' Allan "Orion" Maki took the center stage to field numerous questions from the...

Champions Online is giving away character slots and vehicles for its 13th birthday

Champions Online is in the midst of celebrating its 13th birthday - its first under new parent group Embracer and Gearbox. "Happy Anniversary, Champions!" Cryptic...

Champions Online is reviving its streaming apparatus for its 13th birthday

Look up there in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a new streaming schedule for Champions Online! That's right: Cryptic's underdog...
We have Thanos at home.

Massively Overthinking: What’s so bad about comfort zones in MMOs?

If you've been following the MMORPG meta for a long time, particularly in World of Warcraft, you know there's corner of the industry convinced...

Champions Online’s newest event asks players to fight an invasion of literal nightmares

You would think that the physical embodiments of nightmares would know better than to attack a metropolis full of superpowered beings, but that's not...