Camelot Unchained side game Final Stand Ragnarok adds a beta version of a new map in its latest update


Do you remember Final Stand: Ragnarok? It’s been a bit since we got news from the game: Readers will remember this as the spinoff/prequel of Camelot Unchained from developer Unchained Entertainment (formerly City State Entertainment), which initially made a “first access” release in 2020, a second early access launch in 2021, then a third early access launch this past March, followed by a 1.0 update shortly after.

It’s likely more remembered as a source of controversy among MMO gamers as a result of the studio releasing this secondary game ahead of moving the Kickstarted MMORPG out of a beta it’s been in since 2018, though studio boss Mark Jacobs most recently announced the MMORPG will release late next year.

Now, after a period of general quiet for FSR that was briefly interspersed by a few hotfixes, the game has gotten a major update this week in the form of a beta version of the new Dungeon Maze map.

“After months of hard work and testing by our team, we’re excited to announce the Beta edition of our third scenario, Dungeon Maze! You and your fellow Champions will battle your way through a prison purpose built to confuse, confound, and confine you. Navigate your way through the stone corridors of Hel’s stronghold, evading traps and unlocking new pathways by completing unique encounters. Your ultimate goal is to reach the Warden, one of Hel’s fiercest generals and the last line of defense for the entire prison. Reaching him will be no small feat, and defeating him and his lieutenants will take everything you have.”

As one might expect out of a location known as a Dungeon Maze, players will have to puzzle their way through the labyrinth, avoid dangerous traps, and take on two mini-bosses before getting the chance to fight the Warden himself. The location also promises new enemies, new mechanics, and plenty of treasure to plumb. The new addition comes with a patch that also provides new NPCs, new audio and visual effects, and a rebalancing of character damage, character buffs, and tower health for lower player numbers.

Speaking of lower player numbers, things there are looking quite grim for the title once more, with only two players in its last recorded 24-hour peak and literally nobody in-game at the time of this story’s writing. Despite this, Unchained Entertainment promises further support including a new battle pass, a sixth character, and an entirely new game mode.

sources: Steam, SteamDB
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