Albion Online’s latest patch primarily focuses on balance adjustments to several weapons


The PvP sandbox of Albion Online has once again taken the opportunity to use its latest patch to turn the dials of weapons balance. This is primarily an FFA PvP murder box, after all; these things are constantly going to happen, whether anyone likes it or not.

The changes in question touch several different types of weapons including crossbows, staffs, daggers, quarterstaves, spears, and swords. In general things are pretty evenly spread across the buff and nerf scale, though sword users, fire staff enjoyers, and shapeshifter staff wielders are probably going to be a bit saddened by the nerf bat bonking their weapons of choice have received.

The patch has further made a couple of specific adjustments to certain kinds of helmets and boots along with a fairly chunky list of bug fixes, but for the most part this one is about tweaking the weapons players wield. Please direct your rage to the developers and don’t shoot the messenger. We’re not PvP flagged anyway.

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