Camelot Unchained prequel Final Stand Ragnarok launches into early access – again – today


As we noted earlier this week, the Camelot Unchained spinoff game Final Stand Ragnarok is launching today into its most formal early access yet. Readers will recall this is actually not its first rodeo with early access; it entered “first access” in December of 2020 as planned, followed by a $20 Steam early access in November 2021, but it’s never had more than 37 concurrent players. City State Entertainment – now Unchained Entertainment – boss Mark Jacobs says this’ll be the main marketing push for the game as the studio shows off its proprietary Unchained Engine. And the team has clearly refreshed its Steam page with new copy for the release.

“Final Stand: Ragnarök pits you and up to seven players against the forces of Hel, teaming up in a Co-Op Hero Action-Slasher against wave after wave of thousands of the goddess of death’s devious minions, in large-scale, real-time battles powered by the proprietary and revolutionary Unchained Engine. As the game progresses through Early Access we will be gradually adding larger match sizes as the Unchained Engine can support 1000s of players in a match at a constant high FPS and low latency.”

Pricing on Steam is $14.99 – a sale price from its regular $19.99.

We demo’ed the game last week, finding it surprisingly fun even if it’s not really an MMORPG. We don’t have an ETA for when FSR will leave early access, but we do know the studio is aiming to have the long-delayed Kickstarter MMORPG Camelot Unchained out by the end of next year, as both games share tech and assets.

[Updating with the new trailer!]
Source: Steam
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