World of Warcraft’s Pandaria Remix speed-leveling event is live this afternoon


As we alluded to in this morning’s Daily Grind, today is the day for World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria remix hullabaloo, so if you’re not already super busy in the Blizzard ecosystem playing Diablo IV’s loot do-over or marking time for WoW Classic Cataclysm, this is probably your home for a bit. It’s essentially a time-limited event that pushes players into Pandaria specifically for a speed-run and a shower of loot to prep a brand-new toon and play catch-up ahead of The War Within. If you ever tried Black Desert’s old season servers, it’s basically that.

World of Warcraft Remix is a time-limited event which allows players to re-experience the entirety of the Mists of Pandaria expansion at an accelerated rate from level 10 through 70,” says Blizzard’s pitch. “All loot has been completely overhauled and has powerful new effects allowing players to shape their experience, power up, and power on.

“• Accelerated Leveling and Content allowing you to take on nearly every quest, scenario, dungeon and raid.
• Create a new World of Warcraft Remix character starting at level 10 to adventure through the event up to level 70.
• A mountain of loot: Get powerful items from everywhere— quests, chests, creatures, bosses.
• Customizable items allowing you to power up as far as you can go to take on tougher content.
• Convert unwanted items into Bronze which can be used to upgrade items or purchase cosmetics.
• Keep what you collect: Take your collection of transmogs with you later when The War Within goes live.”

Assuming all goes well, the Remix event kicks off at 1 p.m. EDT today – just as this post goes live.

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