Dungeon Fighter Online adds new dungeon, new challenge mode, and quality-of-life in latest update


Dungeon Fighter Online is one of those MMOs that keep flying under the radar but really haven’t stopped running. That said, this week saw what Neople is calling its biggest update yet, which might indeed be the case since its feature set is broken up over multiple web pages.

The marquee feature for this patch is the new Verge of Recollection dungeon delve that can be challenged either solo or in a party. The new dungeon comes in three difficulty levels and promises players lots of useful rewards that can help boost character stats. On the subject of challenge, the patch also added Exceed mode, which spawns players into grueling variants of the White Cloud Valley and Solidaris dungeons.

The rest of the patch features a number of quality-of-life improvements that are designed to help characters grow stronger, with updates to the growth system, changes to the Explorer Club Circle system, and new equipment options and improvements. There are also several events underway that boost rewards, make item enhancing easier, and give out free goodies.

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