The Daily Grind: What are your plans for World of Warcraft’s Pandaria Remix?


I confess that I’ve gone from being a little taken aback at the idea of World of Warcraft’s Pandaria Remix to a huge fan of the idea and very excited to jump into it this week. This seems like a great way to distract the community from the wait for the expansion and help boost characters in the meantime. Plus, after two years in Dragonflight, a change of scenery back to a fan-favorite expansion will feel welcome.

Right now I’m planning on leveling two characters through the Remix: A Human Paladin (a class I’ve rarely played in retail) and an Undead Warlock (since I don’t have any high-level Horde characters on this server for allied race unlocks). Two should keep me more than busy for a few months I think.

What are your plans for Pandaria Remix? Are you going all-out to get as many transmog unlocks as possible? Do you have classes you want to boost to the cap? Or are you ignoring it entirely?

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