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Activision-Blizzard claims it fired still more employees but disputes scope of misconduct

Activision-Blizzard is being bought out by Microsoft, but that doesn't mean its problems have been solved. Bowing to pressure from investors and its own staff,...
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Microsoft is acquiring Activision-Blizzard, Bobby Kotick is still CEO

Welp, apparently the Activision-Blizzard hot potato is hopping to a new owner: Microsoft just announced that it's acquiring the beleaguered gaming corporation. "With three billion...

Activision-Blizzard addresses Call of Duty mess, striking devs report ‘radio silence’

Raven Software, developer of several Call of Duty titles including COD: Warzone, is still on strike due to a sudden bout of firing of...

The MOP Up: Vendetta Online adds 27 custom missions

Vendetta Online warped into the new year with a slew of events, more functionality for capships, and 27 additional custom-made missions. Reader Jason keyed us...

LEGO pauses launch of Overwatch 2 toy set over ongoing Activision-Blizzard scandal

Activision-Blizzard might've thought it could start over after the holidays and put some distance between it and the massive discrimination and harassment scandal it...

California DFEH appeals court denial to intervene in Activision-Blizzard’s EEOC settlement

California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing is not about to call it quits on fighting Activision-Blizzard's settlement with the US's Equal Employment Opportunity...

Massively Overthinking: Hopes and fears for MMOs in 2022

For our first official Massively Overthinking of 2022, we're following tradition: We're talking all about our hopes and fears for the genre in the...

The Game Archaeologist: The Blizzard Real ID fiasco of 2010

As we come off a year when Blizzard Entertainment's seedy underbelly of scandals and coverups was exposed, I thought it might be worth risking...

Activision-Blizzard published its representation data, admitting it has ‘a lot of work to do’

Activision-Blizzard Chief Operating Officer Daniel Alegre sent 'round a press release this week attempting to send a strong signal to the studio's workforce that...

Activision-Blizzard fields new accusations as workers strike, fundraise, and issue union cards

The thumbscrews around Activision-Blizzard and Bobby Kotick tightened that much more yesterday when a current employee of the company, identified only as Christine, held...

Activision-Blizzard is walking out again, Australia’s game industry unionizes

Activision-Blizzard's workers are continuing to mobilize: Following the mass-layoffs at Activision's RavenQA over the weekend, Raven workers staged a walkout yesterday, and now they're...

Activision-Blizzard is suddenly laying off more QA, won’t be at The Game Awards

Yes, Activision-Blizzard is in the news again: Raven Software, one of the studios behind games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and...
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Treasurers of states invested in Activision-Blizzard join the call for leadership changes

In mid-November, we reported on a group of shareholders joining the calls for change at Activision-Blizzard leadership, led by the Strategic Organizing Center Investment...
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One of Activision-Blizzard’s key workers alliance organizers just left the company – and the gaming industry

We regret to inform you that Bobby Kotick is still the CEO of Activision-Blizzard at the time of this writing. What has changed, on...
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Sony Interactive Entertainment is hit with a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination

This past Monday, a female former IT analyst for Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging that she was the victim...
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Bobby Kotick considers leaving Activision-Blizzard if he can’t quickly fix its ongoing frat boy culture

Last week, reporting from the Wall Street Journal blew the lid off of fresh allegations leveraged at Activision-Blizzard, including attempts by CEO Bobby Kotick...

Activision-Blizzard workers and industry giants join chorus calling for Bobby Kotick’s resignation

People across the gaming industry are adding to the calls for Activision-Blizzard's Bobby Kotick to resign - or be removed. As we've been covering, earlier...

Some Activision-Blizzard shareholders join calls for Bobby Kotick’s ouster

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an explosive piece that compounded the ongoing Activision-Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits and scandal. The Journal detailed...

Amid fresh Activision-Blizzard scandal, WoW Classic launches its Season of Mastery

Are you ready to ding like you've never dinged before? WoW Classic hopes so, as the legacy version of the MMO took a temporary break...

The MOP Up: Valve’s Steam Deck gets delayed to 2022

Bad news for those among you who were hoping to play some MMOs on Valve's Steam Deck this holiday season: The company announced that...