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‘I have to run a sustainable business’ – Microsoft’s Phil Spencer addresses layoffs and studio shutdowns

Some new statements out of Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer during this year's IGN Live gaming presentation can be absorbed as either admission of the...

MMO Business Roundup: Activision owned cheatmaker EngineOwning

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent business news! Business business business and all that. EngineOwning got owned - File this one...

Activision opens a new studio in Poland for work on ‘narrative-based and genre-defining AAA franchise’

Apparently Microsoft subsidiary Activision thinks now is a good time to open a new studio and put together a team to develop an entirely...

World of Warcraft’s Pandaria Remix speed-leveling event is live this afternoon

As we alluded to in this morning's Daily Grind, today is the day for World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria remix hullabaloo, so if...

Microsoft continues shrinking ZeniMax and Xbox with voluntary severance deals

Sure, Microsoft shuttered a bunch of studios and added more layoffs to its pile earlier this week, but it can't possibly get worse, right?...

Diablo Immortal unleashes the Tempest class May 23, brings back Tower War PvP in latest patch

Bracing cold winds. Flurries of steel. Crashing waves. No, it's not a word painting for my newest superhero OC (please don't steal); it's Diablo...

Microsoft shutters multiple studios, abandons Redfall, bolsters Elder Scrolls Online staffing

Microsoft continues laying waste to the gaming industry today with the closure of four Bethesda studios. We can reassure MMO players right away that Elder...

Blizzard laid off prolific World of Warcraft writer and lore queen Christie Golden

Among the many people affected by Blizzard's massive layoffs in 2024 was Christie Golden, the rare games writer whose name a whole lot of...
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NetEase and Blizzard ink deal to revive World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, and Diablo IV in China

(As of late tonight, Blizzard has officially confirmed the rumors. Our original post follows, and we've updated with the official news at the end.) It's...

Blizzard starts hiring high-level positions for a new mystery game

Just because Blizzard has canceled quite a few promising projects over the years and suffered shocking layoffs in 2024 doesn't mean that the studio...

Diablo IV arrives to Game Pass subscribers, Diablo III reruns Forbidden Archives April 12

This week brought the marquee event that supporters of Microsoft's multi-billion dollar buyout of Activision-Blizzard were likely eager for: Diablo IV is now available...

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer admits massive layoffs were due in part to gaming’s ‘lack of growth’

Ever since Microsoft announced a wave of layoffs that would affect 1,900 people - over 800 of whom work for Activision-Blizzard - the officially...

Has 2024 put the game industry ‘on the brink of disaster’? Extra Credits weighs in

If you haven't been paying attention -- despite even our own hollering it from the rooftops -- this year has been absolutely terrible for...

The newly recognized Activision QA United is now the biggest union in the US games industry

Yet another group of Activision-Blizzard workers under Microsoft have voted to unionize: a reported 600 Activision central QA workers in Texas, Minnesota, and California...
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Xbox’s Phil Spencer insists Microsoft’s mass-layoffs position it for future growth, somehow

Everyone just loves Phil Spencer these days, right? Oh, right, all the layoffs. Probably not, then. But according to a recent interview with Game...
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Microsoft’s layoffs will result in over 800 cut Activision-Blizzard jobs in March

As Microsoft workers reel from news of impending mass-layoffs of 1900 employees, we've received more clarity on which specific Activision-Blizzard teams are being slashed...
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Blizzard is laying off over 126 people from its support center in Ireland

The massive culling of 1,900 workers by Microsoft looks to have had a significant global impact, as Ireland's minister for foreign affairs Michéal Martin...
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Microsoft insists Activision-Blizzard was planning on mass layoffs before the merger

As we've been covering, earlier this week the FTC filed a complaint to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, alleging that Microsoft misrepresented itself...
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Former Overwatch 2 lead vfx artist calls out Blizzard for deceptive promotion and pay behavior

Workers and former workers at the various substudios at Activision-Blizzard have been calling it out as an unpleasant workplace for a while now since...

FTC files a complaint against Microsoft following Activision Blizzard layoffs

When Microsoft outlined its plans for what would happen following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, one of the things that the company stated was...