Hearthstone’s Delve into Deepholm mini-set adds new dual-class cards and new minions January 18


While we might think Hearthstone is possibly in for a boring 2024, that isn’t stopping the digital CCG from trying to keep its recently released Showdown in the Badlands expansion fresh with January 18th’s Delve into Deepholm mini-set.

This new mini-set introduces another 38 cards to the game, including all-new dual-class cards that bring new strategies to the game’s base classes, additional excavation cards, and two new legendary neutral minions. Like other mini-sets, Delve into Deepholm can be purchased in individual packs or as a full 72-card set if players so choose.

On top of the mini-set, Hearthstone its heralding the return of is Lunar New Year event with daily quests to take on and rewards to earn like signature cards and hero skins, while the beginning of February will kick off a new Twist season that limits decks to only common cards. Is that boring to you? Only you can judge by looking through the mini-set directly.

sources: press release, official site
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