Sky Children of the Light invites players to a Journey-inspired land in its latest season


Most gamers are probably familiar with thatgamecompany’s impressive multiplayer narrative title Journey, which saw two players join together as they trekked across a dangerous desert to the top of a mountain peak (and if you haven’t played it you really should try to or at least watch footage of it). Now, players of the studio’s Sky: Children of the Light are getting a taste of that seminal title with the latest Season of the Nine-Colored Deer running from January 15th through March 31st.

“Protected by the legendary Nine-Colored Deer, chaos emerges in Sky’s sacred realms after a traitor disrupts the peace, leading players to take matters into their own hands and reverse the damage brought upon the world.”

This season sees players helping the titular guardian while meeting five new spirits, unlocking a new friendship tree, and earning new emotes and cosmetics along the way, all while exploring a ravaged desert landscape inspired by Journey. The season is available for free for those who have completed the fourth quest from the Hopeful Steward in Aviary Village, while season pass holders can look forward to additional rewards.

sources: press release, official site
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