Last Epoch offers a deep-dive into the faction-based item trade system arriving in February 21 launch


Loot. It’s one of the big motivators for playing most OARPGs and Last Epoch is certainly no exception, so word that the game is considering introducing a way for items to be traded among players might stir up some unpleasant memories for sub-genre fans. However, Eleventh Hour Games is giving players an extremely close look at the system that’s coming when the game exits early access in February, which it believes has managed to toe the line between letting players freely trade and letting them sniff out better loot drops instead.

This so-called Trade and Item Factions system will let players join one of two factions – a Merchant’s Guild or the Circle of Fortune – and thus open up new item-related features depending on their choice. Merchant’s Guild members will open up trading between players and the ability to sell items in a bazaar, while Circle of Fortune members will see enhancements to item drops, the ability to use prophecies to find better and more items, and the option to trade with individuals.

On top of these functions, each faction has ranks and reputation to earn, which will in turn open faction benefits, while a secondary currency known as favor will be required for faction members to either engage in bazaar trade or use their item-hunting prophecies respectively. Favor can also be used to get faction-specific rewards.

The associated dev blog and video waiting below provide a whole lot more granular detail for fans who are eager to learn how this all will work, though the studio does point out that these systems are still subject to change based on testing and feedback. Still, consider this a deep-dish primer of what’s coming in February.

sources: press release, official site
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