Throne & Liberty KR details rank resets and economy updates happening in its January 17 server merging

Thrones and something, I guess?

Players of the Korean version of Throne & Liberty already knew that a server merge was coming this week, but now the game’s official site has offered additional details related to several major resets that will happen with the condensing, primarily for those who are rising in PvP ranks or using the game’s auction house.

According to translations from fansite Throne and Liberty Online, resets are coming for all personal and guild ranks, item prices and favorited items on the exchange, and several guild holdings. The vast majority of character and guild data will naturally carry over including lists of members or friends, character and guild names, and items.

As compensation for the rank resets, characters and guilds that are on the affected servers are being handed out unique titles for their rank-related achievements. It’s an unsurprisingly significant impact for those who are still capable of playing on the Korean servers, so fans will likely want to read up for details.

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