Throne & Liberty KR is already engaging server merges a month after its launch

Sure, great, very efficient.

It has barely been a month since Throne & Liberty released to Korean players, but already the game is beginning to merge its servers on Wednesday, January 17th, squishing the MMO’s 18 servers down to seven.

The reason for the merge seem pretty simple: Party formation for things like dungeons, world bosses, and local events is taking too long – or is “not smooth” according to Google Translate – and so several servers are being smooshed together in order to bolster populations. The post additionally confirms some of the things that will or will not carry over for characters and guilds when the merges apply.

In the meantime, this week’s newest patch has added a sandworm queen (named Queen Blendy if auto-translation is to be believed), launched a new zone event in the Greyclaw Forest, and opened the Lizard Island zone. The patch also makes several adjustments to zones, instanced dungeon access, skills, and party play, and also adds a weapon transmog system.

source: official site (1, 2)
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