Throne & Liberty launches in Korea, still has its eyes on the West for 2024


Considering how huge and influential the Lineage series has been in Korea over the past three decades, we’d say it seems fitting that NCsoft decided to launch the latest chapter in this saga there before the rest of the world – but we don’t have to like it.

Even though western players are still in for a wait, this week’s launch of Throne & Liberty is a cause for celebration and hope. Lead Producer Jongok Ahn looked forward to next year’s global launch when he said a couple weeks ago that, “We are thrilled that [Throne & Liberty] will soon be available to the world.”

It may be best that NCsoft get out the kinks and bugs from this initial launch, as it appears that the rollout’s been somewhat rocky so far. The studio acknowledged issues with memory shortage, connection loss, and server instability, while also saying that it’s trying to increase server capacity to meet the high demand.

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