The Stream Team: Taking our first steps into the world of Sky Children of the Light

MOP's Chris has had his eye on Sky: Children of the Light for quite some time now, as he patiently waited for the game...

Cozy MMO Sky Children of the Light launches F2P early access on Steam today

Thatgamecompany's five-year-old Sky: Children of the Light officially debuts on PC today, one of the rare few multiplayer titles these days that seems to...

The Crew Motorfest and Sky Children of the Light confirm arrivals to Steam in April

One's a multiplayer racing open world-ish title, the other is a cute and emotive social multiplayer game, yet both The Crew Motorfest and Sky:...

Springtime updates and events bloom in Fae Farm, Dark Age of Camelot, and Sky Children of the Light

I'm told that the spring season is on its way, though looking out my window as I type this, the snow and 11° F...

Sky Children of the Light celebrates emotional connections in its updated Days of Love event

Love takes a lot of forms, whether it's romantic, platonic, or familial, and that wide spectrum of affection is the heart of Sky: Children...

Sky Children of the Light’s Days of Fortune returns with dragon costumes and races to mark the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year celebrations are continuing to proliferate across MMO and multiplayer titles, and that includes the more upbeat multiplayer world of Sky:...

Sky Children of the Light invites players to a Journey-inspired land in its latest season

Most gamers are probably familiar with thatgamecompany's impressive multiplayer narrative title Journey, which saw two players join together as they trekked across a dangerous...

Sky Children of the Light celebrates the crab-filled Days of Mischief for the Halloween season October 23

When an event is known as the Days of Mischief, it can probably go one of two ways: either very playfully or very badly....

Sky Children of the Light begins a ‘multi-year development plan’ for a permanent multiplayer town center

Sky: Children of the Light continues to beat the large-scale multiplayer drum in its updates, especially since they're the source of a lot of...

Sky Children of the Light opens its Steam page, prepares for public PC testing with a world record concurrency attempt

The smaller scale multiplayer game Sky: Children of the Light is definitely trying its level best to balloon into MMO size. Developer thatgamecompany is...

Pride Month celebrations kick off in Second Life, Wizard101, Pirate101, and Sky Children of the Light

The celebration of Pride Month across the MMO universe continues on, and we're here to collect some of the various events that are being...

Multiplayer game Sky Children of the Light unveils plans for MMO-sized social hub

While Sky: Children of the Light looks like a wonderfully bright and emotion-filled piece of gaming, it also falls solely into the category of...

Colorful co-op multiplayer title Sky Children of the Light prepares for its cross-platform arrival on Steam

Back in 2020 we reported on a very emotional-looking bit of multiplayer gaming in the form of Sky: Children of the Light, a game...
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Coronavirus fears knock out more PAX East exhibitors, but GDC will go on as planned

Hi-Rez Studios and That Game Company have become the latest game studios to back out of PAX East 2020, which begins today. "After some internal...

thatgamecompany’s multiplayer adventure Sky: Children of the Light is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Some of my fondest multiplayer memories came from the PS3 game Journey, which came from the devs at thatgamecompany, who were responsible for similarly...