Springtime updates and events bloom in Fae Farm, Dark Age of Camelot, and Sky Children of the Light


I’m told that the spring season is on its way, though looking out my window as I type this, the snow and 11° F temperatures would say otherwise. That just means that I can enjoy the spring season in MMO and multiplayer games along with everyone else as they arrive to Dark Age of Camelot, Fae Farm, and Sky: Children of the Light. Take that, aberrant weather patterns!

For Sky players there’s the 2024 edition of the Days of Bloom event with a whole rainstorm and lightning theme that runs through the affair. As with other events, players can gather seasonal currency in order to get new cosmetics like an arum petal cape and hair, spiky spring hair, and a lilypad umbrella, all while visiting the Prairie Peaks location to take in some stormy weather sights in the first week and blossoming life afterwards. The event runs from March 25th through April 14th.

DAOC fans are being asked to help prepare for the game’s spring festival by taking on a daily quest between now and April 2nd, earning realm and bounty rewards along the way. The mini-event will also engage a 50% RP bonus in the Pennine Mountains, Breifine, and Jamtland Mountains zones.

Finally, Fae Farm has released its Spring Update, which introduces the ability to place certain decorative items on top of furnishings, several free cosmetics for characters and their homes, some new avatar customization options, and the ability to double the length of in-game days. Other features of the patch include new dialogue for NPCs that players are married to and a lineup of bug fixes across several gameplay functions.

sources: press releases, Sky COTL website, DAOC website, Steam
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