Conqueror’s Blade introduces units from China’s Tang Dynasty in its Dragonrise season


The Tang Dynasty is considered by historians to be the golden age of China’s medieval history, which saw the unification of the fragmented country and the associated empire establish a powerful military, strong economic relations, and a cosmopolitan culture. Now players of the multiplayer strategy title Conqueror’s Blade can bring a bit of that time to their armies with the Dragonrise season that started last week.

The new units in question come in the form of the three-star Feathered Crossbowmen, the four-star Wuwei Mansion Guard, and the five-star Xuanjia Heavy Cavalry. As usual, getting hands on these units requires players to push through the game’s seasonal campaign content.

Other features of the Dragonrise season will likely be familiar to regular players as well, such as the associated battle pass that offers up Tang Dynasty cosmetics for those who unlock them or buy premium. Otherwise the update makes several adjustments to the Border Fort map, which features an improved layout, increased Supply Points, a new defendable area, and better balancing for attackers and defenders. All in all, it’s pretty… Tangy.

sources: press release, official site
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