Multiplayer game Sky Children of the Light unveils plans for MMO-sized social hub


While Sky: Children of the Light looks like a wonderfully bright and emotion-filled piece of gaming, it also falls solely into the category of multiplayer in terms of its scope, despite its cross-play functionality across multiple platforms. However, that scale appears to be changing in at least one significant way, as developer thatgamecompany introduced Project Aviary, which effectively creates a social hub for the game that supports a much larger population.

This new hub is still noted as being deep in development – it’s not even being considered a beta build yet – but its ambition is to create an area where Sky kids can come together for social activities, concerts, events, finding items for their shared spaces, or simply to relax and recharge. The tech behind Project Aviary claims to let “dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people […] share the same experience together” by making use of the same Festival Tech backend architecture that helped its Season of AURORA concert from last December come to life.

This feature’s early stages are complete, with its next step being a beta test for sometime later this year. Considering Sky is already looking to expand its reach into the PC gaming space soon, this new addition to the title promises to be particularly intriguing, especially to the interests of ourselves and our readers.

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