Colorful co-op multiplayer title Sky Children of the Light prepares for its cross-platform arrival on Steam


Back in 2020 we reported on a very emotional-looking bit of multiplayer gaming in the form of Sky: Children of the Light, a game that’s all about cooperation, peacefully exploring realms, and bringing light back to a desolate kingdom from the same development studio behind similarly moving titles like Journey, Flower, and Flow. At the time of that report, we noted the iOS game’s plans for arrival to other platforms, and since then it has proliferated to Android, Nintendo Switch, The PlayStation 4 and 5, and soon, the PC via Steam.

“In Sky: Children of the Light, players peacefully and collaboratively explore gorgeously mysterious environments. As they discover Sky’s open worlds, the community forges spontaneous bonds and creates lasting memories with players around the world. The enchanting game has steadily grown to be a fan-favorite since its 2019 debut, recently reaching over 260 million downloads.”

A launch date for Sky on PC hasn’t been tied down, but the Steam page is allowing for wishlisting now, and the announcement promises that when the PC version does launch, it will do so with cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms the title is currently available on. In case this one escaped your notice or you’re curious about what it’s offering, a trailer awaits below.

source: press release
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