Sea of Thieves – and season 12 – launches on the PlayStation5 on April 30

A week ago during Microsoft's Xbox podcast, we learned that multiple Xbox titles would be un-exclusived and set loose on the PS5 and/or Nintendo...

Cozy multiplayer sandbox Palia heads to Steam early access on March 25

If you've been watching Palia's journey through F2P open beta early access and wished you could just play the game through Steam instead of...

Splatoon 3 launches a single-player roguelike tower March 22, readies multiplayer Fresh Season March 1

One of the big parts of Splatoon 3's visual presentation is the use of bright, bold colors in terms of character customization and its...

Diablo IV lands on Xbox Game Pass March 28, Sea of Thieves will expand to PS5 and the Switch

During the much-touted Xbox podcast this afternoon, we learned not just that only four Xbox titles will be set free for other consoles but...

Microsoft prepares to talk about Xbox’s future in a podcast as multi-platform game rumors swirl

The past several weeks have been some apparently nervous ones for those whose online personas are devoted to Microsoft in general and Xbox in...

The MOP Up: Fae Farm launches a free demo

Was Fae Farm too rich for you blood? Now you can check it out for free on Nintendo Switch or PC thanks to a...

Animal Crossing-inspired cozy MMO Galactic Getaway launches $50,000 Kickstarter

Twice last spring, we covered a new-to-us MMO called Galactic Getaway, a game that had been in production already since 2021. We originally binned...

Massively on the Go: Preparing for Pokemon Go’s Los Angeles Sinnoh Tour

Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour is coming to Los Angeles February 16th-18th, but despite its already being sold out, Niantic is still dangling some key...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon GO shows little love for February

Pokemon Go's roadmap for February is out, but once again leakers have deflated some of that potential hype Niantic tends to squander anyway. While...

The Daily Grind: What do you think the next viral MMO will look like?

I am the first to admit that I didn't see Palworld coming. Oh, I knew about Palworld; we'd covered Palworld. We'd also been covering...

My Time at Sandrock added greenhouses and babies – but not for multiplayer fans

Back in November, we lightly covered the proper launch of My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to My Time at Portia, both cozy sandboxes...

Legal experts weigh in on Palworld plagiarism accusations as player and sales numbers continue to climb

Pocketpair's creature-featured survivalbox Palworld continues to make waves across the wider gaming sphere, both in terms of wanted and unwanted attention. The game has...

GDC’s 2024 industry survey: Game devs weigh in on AI, layoffs, unionization, RTO, and more

Every year, GDC conducts an industry-wide survey of game developers and compiles the results in its State of the Game Industry, the 2024 edition...
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Vague Patch Notes: MMOs are still just games you rent

When I was a teenager, I accidentally stole a few games from a video rental place. You might wonder how you accidentally steal something,...

Progress Bar: Another go-round with cozy ‘MMO’ Palia, this time on the Switch

I'm not much of a console player in general. The controller has always felt limiting to me, especially when compared with the precision of...

Massively on the Go: A slow New Year start for Pokemon GO events

Pokemon Go is still not bringing its A-game. After a buggy end of the year complete with utterly breaking Beware and accidentally releasing-and-taking-back unreleased...
treasure hunting is one step from lockboxes

The Soapbox: The ‘problem’ with MMO hoarding

I remember a number of years ago, in an article for a game I can't recall, an MMO developer discussed how an early build...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 450: Sour cream in caves

Justin and Bree discuss Elder Scrolls Online, The Crew's sunset, Palia's Switch launch, Black Desert and New World's 2024 plans, Age of Water, and the Year of EverQuest, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW Classic, SWTOR, and Project Gorgon.

A fresh first impressions: Checking out Palia for the first time on Switch

Outside of MMORPGs, life sims are probably the most-played genre in my household. I originally bought Stardew Valley for my wife a few years...

Massively on the Go: Palia’s Nintendo Switch version works on the go, but it’s still better at home

Let me start off by saying this isn't going to be yet another impressions piece on Palia. We've already had three of those, and...