Cozy multiplayer life RPG Fae Farm opens a new realm in the clouds with Skies of Azoria DLC


Who says you can’t cultivate plants in the clouds? Logic? Reason? Science? Toss those out of the window and fling yourself into the Skies of Azoria, the new DLC update that became available to Phoenix Labs’ cute and cozy multiplayer life sim RPG Fae Farm last week on PC and Nintendo Switch.

“Skyvale, the setting for Skies of Azoria, is a mysterious celestial realm situated over the lands previously discovered in Fae Farm. The winged denizens invites players to visit them as the patron Sprite, Gusto, has turned unusually moody, and new dungeons with puzzles to solve with rewards to collect are part of the solution.”

In addition to the new storyline, which interweaves with the main game’s existing narrative, the DLC adds new characters to meet and possibly build relationships with, three new regions in the Skyvale area, some significantly more complex-looking dungeons to plumb, and a bunch of new things for player characters to get their hands on such as skills, recipes, potions, furniture, resources, and crops.

The DLC is available for free to Nintendo Switch owners or to PC owners of the deluxe edition; otherwise it will cost PC players $15 to check out the new realm above their heads. Much like the rest of the game, it looks pretty colorful and cute.

source: press release
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