Grim Dawn overhauls nemesis boss spawns, tweaks physical resistance, and rebalances pets


The multiplayer ARPG of Grim Dawn has released another possibly impactful patch that applies some overhauls, updates, and fixes to the experience that fans will likely want to learn about. Particularly if they like fighting nemesis bosses or use pets for combat.

The way nemesis bosses spawn has been overhauled, as they now have the potential to randomly spawn when players slaughter monsters of a boss’ faction that grant experience and/or infamy, as opposed to spawning at fixed locations. Each nemesis will still only spawn once per game session.

Two-handed weapons also got an overhaul, but only in the animation department as they now have all-new attack animations. Two-handed spears have also gotten new animations and their own weapon classification.

Another big portion of the patch is a balance pass across pet skills and itemization, with slower pet attack speed but more powerful special attacks, permanent pets getting tougher than temporary ones, and a shift of power away from pet sets and towards pet constellations and base skills in an effort to make non-set pet builds more viable.

Finally of note is a rebalancing for physical resistance percentage: The stat is now available in more gear and in smaller amounts, while enemies will deal less physical damage overall. “This change was made to narrow the gap between builds capable of stacking excessive amounts of % Physical Resist and those that struggled to get % Physical Resist in the first place,” developer Crate Entertainment explains.

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