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The Herb bakes a ‘classical’ MMO on a far-away planet

We've seen a lot of different MMOs come across our desk over the years, but so far there haven't been any titles that revolved...

Gameforge’s Ultimate Pirates issues a letter of marquee to all gamers

Dead men may tell no tales, but Gameforge is alive and trumpeting the release of its newest multiplayer online pirate title. Today, the...
Let's go.

Book of Travels sucks you into a gorgeous online fairytale world

Every once in a long while, a game is announced that really makes us sit up and go "Oooh!" without any irony. Book...

The Sims dev studio is seeking a creative director for an all-new ‘live service’ title

Maxis, the development studio most noted for simulation game series like The Sims and SimCity, is apparently entering the live service gaming venue. A...

Nexon’s special day reveals MapleStory, TalesWeaver, and Baram mobile games

Last week, Nexon held the second of its 2019 Media Days to make a series of announcement about new and upcoming games. Of...

Blue Protocol travels through time and space to bring you a new anime MMO

Here's a fun surprise for those who need something those not into Naga and Viera this week: a brand-new MMORPG announcement from Bandai...

Abstract Era Entertainment announces new sandbox MMO Seconds from Silence

Shh, do you hear that? That's the sound of a new MMORPG, as this week fledgling studio Abstract Era Entertainment announced the existence...

‘Classic’ MMO Dekaron announces mobile adaptation

The trend of giving old MMOs new leases on life by turning them into mobile titles continues: Korean developer ThumbAge has announced that it...

SpatialOS TwoKinds Online transforms a webcomic into an MMO

Huh, this might be a first for MMORPGs: a webcomic-turned-MMO. What we're talking about today is TwoKinds Online, a small indie RPG created...

Preregistration opens for Talion, Gamevil’s new mobile MMO

Mobile game publisher Gamevil has announced that its upcoming mobile MMO Talion is coming to the U.S. and Europe, and players can...

Dreadlands ventures into the turn-based apocalypse with ‘online elements of an MMO’

When the world comes to an end, we'll just have to take it in stride -- one turn at a time. It's certainly been a...

Indie space-mining MMO Exocraft has launched today

If you're a fan of building spaceships and mining space rocks but aren't so much of a fan of the spreadsheets and subterfuge that...
Old town road optional.

Brave the American frontier in Virtual Basement’s upcoming Outlaws of the Old West, published by Snail Games

Step aside, Red Dead Online; there's a new wild-west sandbox moseying into town -- the newly announced Outlaws of the Old West...

Nintendo unveils Tetris 99, wraps up the battle royale genre

Apex Who? Fortwhat? PUBWhere? Forget those amateurs; there's only one real battle royale game that you should be concerned with, and...

Firefly Studios announces new MMO city-builder Romans: Age of Caesar

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to announce Romans: Age of Caesar, a new grand-strategy MMO from Firefly Studios,...

Nexon’s ‘next-gen’ mobile MMO AxE: Alliance vs Empire is coming westward ‘soon this year’

Nexon is fairly well known for being one of the most prolific developers of MMOs in the industry, and today the studio announced...

Rumored Perfect World console remaster combat footage leaks

It's not uncommon these days for classic (or cult classic) games to receive remakes and remasters some years after their initial release, and rumor...

Rangers of Oblivion brings monster-hunting action to mobile devices

The kill-and-craft subgenre of action-RPG pioneered by Capcom's Monster Hunter series has achieved great popularity as of late, thanks in large part to

Slash and dismember your way through possessed villagers in The Black Masses

If hacking and slashing your way across an island filled with throngs of possessed inhabitants sounds like a good time to you, then you...

Population Zero is an upcoming crafting-survival MMO inspired by classic sci-fi

Survival crafting games are all the rage these days, it seems, and the genre's about to get just a little bit bigger with the...