Scars of Honor is a throwback to the ‘golden age’ of MMOs with a $200K Kickstarter


Another day, another MMO that seeks to “bring back the golden age of the genre.” But will the emerging Scars of Honor capture the zeitgeist of a community hungry for solid new products — especially if one delivers so many tasty morsels in its feature list?

Developed by Bulgarian startup Beast Burst Entertainment, Scars of Honor is a clear WoW clone with two factions, eight races, 10 classes, interlinked crafting professions, player housing, mount breeding, scaling dungeons, cross-platform play between mobile and PC, and a F2P model with “no pay-to-win shops.”

“Our vision is to create a compelling virtual universe, filled with rich and diverse gameplay experiences and social interactions that will keep you playing for years, evolving along with you and the rest of the community,” the studio said. “We want our players to feel valued and have a true sense of belonging.”

The project just went live on Kickstarter to ask for $200,000 in funding as it also pushes a monthly fee to test on the 24/7 server; as we type this, there are under 200 backers pledging $13,000 with 29 days to go. Launch is slated for Q1 2026.

Source: Kickstarter, Scars of Honor. Thanks Michał!
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